We must remain vigilant and follow all health and hygiene measures like we did the first day, cases continue to increase and we must opt to set an example. If you see someone who is not using their mask properly or who is not wearing one, it does not mean we are out of danger,


Self-isolation for personnel who traveled to Site. Any M3 personnel who has traveled to Site for a visit or who has been assigned to site must go through a 14-day self-isolation period before showing up at M3’s facilities. In case you require something from the office, please contact Human Resources in order to find some


Use all the communication channels and respect social distancing. Make sure to verify the existing communication lines available to you for the execution of you activities at the office or from home. Ask for the phone numbers of your colleagues working with you in the same projects or discipline; invite others to form WhatsApp groups


When to stay home? COVID-19 affects each person in different ways. Most infected people present symptoms of a mild or moderate intensity, and recover without the need for hospitalization. The most common symptoms are: Fever Dry cough Tiredness Some less frequent symptoms are: Discomfort and pain Sore throat Diarrhea Conjunctivitis Headache Loss of smell and


Responsible planning will help avoid anxiety, stress and depression; issues associated with working from home. The increase of work from home, as a part of the sanitary measures for social distancing in response to COVID-19, has led many companies to adopt this strategy to carry out their work and remain productive. However, mental and emotional

Food is essential. Which is why even in a state of quarantine, nobody stops visiting supermarkets. However, we all know that we must limit our contact with other people in order to stop the spread of the virus. Then, what preventive measures can we take so we can shop with a greater peace of mind?


The risk of becoming severely ill due to COVID-19 increases with age, and senior people are at a greater risk. For example, people who are in their fifties have a greater risk than people in their forties. Likewise, people in their sixties or seventies are more vulnerable than people in their fifties. The greatest risk


If we are to wear a mask, we must do it properly and be aware that we have an object on our faces to protect us. Therefore, we must not touch it, it must cover our nose and mouth and it must be as attached to our facial structure as possible, with no air outlets


We must respect social distancing in common areas and in our own workspace. If you must contact a coworker within M3 offices, do it through email, phone, Microsoft Teams, etc. Avoid going into the workspace of your colleagues; whether that is a closed office or a cubicle, it is important to respect spaces to avoid

The growing propagation of coronavirus has added value to a basic hygiene measure that has helped fight diseases historically. Washing our hands with water and soap is an essential preemptive measure that helps closing the door against bacteria, virus and fungus. We touch everything with our hands, which makes them one of the main transmission