Design for New Construction

Our company was founded on our love of pursuing unique projects that require innovative and customized solutions.  Our work embodies best value solutions to meet institutional objectives for quality work spaces, adaptable design for long-term functional use, operational economy in energy use and maintenance, and sustainable design for a better environment.

We are especially pleased with our unique architectural and engineering capabilities in recreational facility design.  We have provided architectural and engineering design services for educational and academic clients since 1986.  Examples of our work include the Student Recreation Center Expansion and the Lowell-Stevens Football Facility at the University of Arizona, for which our engineering achieved LEED Platinum and LEED Gold, respectively.


Design for Renovations

We perform renovations and updates for existing facilities, bringing them into compliance with current standards in accordance with client needs.


Facility Layout (General Arrangement)

Our architects strive to ensure that workplace and project site designs fit their purpose, support employees’ needs, and are made to be comfortable, visually appealing and provide a welcoming environment to work in.  We balance these requirements with the client’s design program and budget.


Rendering and Animation

We use 3D models to generate high-quality renderings, animations, and voiced videos for clients.  Such renderings have in the past been made for industrial, commercial, and academic projects and used by our clients for several purposes, including:

  • Company board presentations
  • Investor meetings
  • Marketing purposes
  • Meetings with government authorities
  • Website demonstrations of the project


Master Planning

Our work has given us years of experience in facilities layout, master planning, and site programming.  These long-term plans have included:

  • Industrial plant site layouts for feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
  • Mining project infrastructure (both process buildings and support facilities, including camps)
  • Private facilities such as Boy Scout camps
  • Public areas such as athletic facilities for the University of Arizona
  • Mountain top development for telescope sites
  • Airport area spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities