We have developed extensive indoor and outdoor lighting design for commercial and industrial projects in the United States, Mexico and South America using LED technology.  We maintain compliance with international and local standards such as the Illuminating Energy Society (IES) Recommendations, National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements, International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and local codes such as the Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code.  Our design includes lighting controls, occupancy sensors and daylight zone control.

We have in-house capability to perform lighting design photometric calculations through software such as LitePro and Visual Lighting Design.

Power Distribution

We have a well-seasoned electrical engineering department. Regarding medium and high voltage systems, our senior licensed electrical engineers have years of experience in design and construction of electrical power transmission and distribution system facilities from 4.16 through 400 kV.  Much of our experience has been obtained from working for and coordination with electric utility companies in the United States and in other countries, with the focus largely being on the interface between industrial projects and electrical utility companies.

We have in-house capability to perform electrical engineering analysis and design of industrial and commercial electrical power transmission and distribution systems using the latest edition of applicable software packages such as:

  • PLS CAD for power line design,
  • CYMCAP software for underground cable ampacity studies, and
  • SKM Power Tools for Windows (PTW) software that includes the following modules:
    • Dapper (load flow, voltage drop, and short circuit calculations),
    • Arc Flash Evaluation (electrical equipment hazard evaluation and labeling),
    • Captor (overcurrent protective device coordination study),
    • Transient Motor Starting (TMS, motor starting study),
    • Ground Mat (grounding electrode system design verification), and
    • Hi Wave (harmonics study).

We have used SKM Power Tools and Electrical Analysis Software since 1987.  Our power line design includes routing, plan and profile, staking, pole details and bill of materials, guying, and sag and tension calculations.

Our engineering personnel have experience including but not limited to the following:

  • System redundancy and reliability
  • Voltage and frequency stability and control
  • Electrical load management and capacity analysis
  • System Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Overcurrent protective relaying and control
  • Grounding and lightning protection systems
  • Electrical cost estimating and scheduling
  • Electrical engineering system analysis using computer software package
  • Medium and high voltage substations through 400 kV
  • Medium and high voltage power transmission and distribution lines through 400 kV
  • Major electrical equipment procurement
  • Electrical construction management and special inspections
  • Electrical safety audits and code compliance

Grounding and Lightning Protection

We have in-house capability to perform grounding design.  Our grounding and lightning protection design complies with international and local codes such as the IEEE 80 “Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding”, National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and NFPA 780 “Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems”.

Software we utilize includes SKM Power Tools for Windows (PTW) software with the Ground Mat (grounding electrode system design verification) module.