Capital and Operating Cost Estimating

During initial study phases and throughout a project, we carry out estimates for clients so that they can be aware of projected capital and operating costs for the work to be performed and based on the processes explored in the designs.

Process Financial Analysis

We have provided financial evaluations both for clients’ internal use and for public securities reporting (such as for Canadian NI 43-101 technical reports).  Our financial evaluations for projects present results for the Net Present Value (NPV), payback period (time in years to recapture the initial capital investment), and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR).  We estimate annual cash flow projections over the life of the mine based on the estimates of capital expenditures and production cost and sales revenue.



We provide preliminary schedules for project studies and maintain active schedules for projects in process, identifying critical paths and ensuring that deadlines are kept.


Cost Control

Our Cost Control department reviews project finances and works to ensure budget compliance and accounting integrity.


Change Management

M3 recognizes that plans or circumstances may change over the life of a project, and as such works with each client to pro-actively identify real and potential changes to the project scope.  All changes to scope must be approved by the client prior to implementation; after approval, we maintain communication with the client and construction personnel regarding the updated design and the work to be performed.