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The COVID-19 pandemic may result stressful for people. Fear and anxiety over a new illness and what might happen may be overwhelming and generate strong emotions, in adults as much as in children. Public health measures such as social distancing may lead people to feel isolated, lonely, and with a higher level of stress and anxiety. However, these measures are required to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Dealing with stress in a healthy way will strengthen yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Stress during the spread of an infectious disease may include reactions such as:

  • Fear and worry for their health, the health of their loved ones, their financial or work situation, or the loss of the support systems they depend on.
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Worsening of chronic health issues
  • Worsening of mental health issues
  • Higher consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other substances


  • It is normal to have feelings of sadness, stress, confusion or fear. Talking to people we trust may help.
  • Take into consideration that not everything we see in social media or the internet in general is reliable. Stay up to date and only trust information from official sources and health authorities.
  • Avoid looking at news 24 hours a day. Limit the time and inform yourself only in certain times of the day.
  • Meditate and think about all the personal abilities that have helped you overcome difficult situations in the past.
  • Try keeping a healthy lifestyle at home that includes a good diet, rest, exercise and keep phone contact with friends and family.
  • Channel your emotions in a healthy way an ask for help if you need it. Avoid an excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Let us all take care of each other.