Structural Engineering

For over thirty years, M3’s structural group has engineered an impressive set of iconic projects in some of the most remote regions of the world. While M3 also designs traditional buildings, much of our focus is on non-traditional buildings and large kinetic structures which include elements of both equipment and buildings. As such, we seek to fuse civil, structural, and mechanical engineering principles to deliver elegant, state-of-the-art solutions to unique sets of challenges. To that end, M3 has developed specific expertise in stress, vibration, fatigue, and seismic engineering analysis and design.

An Integrated Service

Our structural group has in-house capability to develop 3D models and fabrication drawings for structural steel and concrete reinforcement for domestic and international projects. In nearly 20 years of detailing service, M3 has produced fabrication drawings for over 95,000 tons of structural steel.  With our engineers and designers working collaboratively in real time, M3 exercises a high degree of quality control from the outset; resulting in little to no field modification due to interferences with other disciplines. Work in this capacity allows M3 to deliver world-class fast track projects on schedule and provide increased value to clients through Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Through design and construction, 3D models are combined in multiple BIM platforms to assist in interdisciplinary coordination and to aid M3 construction management teams with erection planning and progress tracking.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Structure and Mechanical Equipment Retrofit
  • Vibratory and Kinetic Structure Design
  • Vibration and Fatigue Analysis
  • Structural Steel and Concrete Reinforcement Detailing
  • Advanced Finite Element Modeling (Computer Aided Engineering – CAE)
  • 3D Digital Scanning
  • Hoisting and Rigging Analysis
  • Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems
  • Special Systems Design, Specification, and Research
  • Electrical Transmission and Distribution Structure Design
  • Telecommunications Tower Structural Design

Building Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Renovation

M3’s structural group has extensive experience performing studies and structural audits for recommissioning of closed industrial operations – including repurposing equipment from other facilities, and modifications of operating plants to support new processes and equipment. In aging facilities, existing drawings are often incomplete or unavailable.  Until recently, retrofit projects required dedicated field reconnaissance to document existing construction.  Challenges created by limited access have traditionally made retrieval of this information not safely attainable.  For these reasons, M3 can offer 3D scanning services and quickly collect point cloud data for existing facilities to accurately document as-built conditions and generate high-fidelity BIM models.  Connecting the physical world to the virtual world with this 3D information reduces risk in design and significantly improves integration. The model can be utilized for several purposes, from finite element model development to creation of fabrication drawings which not only illustrate required modifications, but accurately reflect the actual built environment.

Finite Element Modeling

M3 is an industry leader in process facility and astronomical observatory design.  Our experience with analysis and retrofit of failed third-party equipment has led to a deep knowledge base on the topics of structural dynamics and connection detailing.  The nature of our work requires that we be well-versed in numerous finite element software packages.  Accordingly, our staff of licensed structural engineers have expertise on a multitude of finite element topics and platforms.  Our breadth of knowledge spans thermal, fatigue, and vibration analysis problems to seismic engineering and base isolation.