Exceptional Expertise

Across the globe, M3’s general arrangement (GA) group has planned and overseen design of countless state-of-the-art process facilities. Our focus is on transforming a process flow sheet into a physical plant by striking a careful balance between an efficient process – one which is operated and maintained in a cost-effective manner – and a design which meets all of the site’s environmental, logistical, and socioeconomic requirements.

M3’s GA group is involved in design development, from project conception in the viability stages through commissioning, as well as retrofit designs for improvement or redevelopment of existing facilities. Relying on collective interdisciplinary knowledge, we work closely with the process group to develop and coordinate an overall framework that all disciplines can use to complete a fully detailed design that can be built and commissioned into a successful operational facility.

Maintaining an up-to-date awareness of design progress and changes is essential. Using BIM technology, we provide both clients and M3 disciplines with 3D, data-rich models encompassing all facets of the design for purposes ranging from coordination and review to operational staff training. Upon client request, M3 can also develop 3D animations of facilities – including construction time lapse and operational phasing – for design review, marketing, and investment purposes.

Facility design entails more than innovative concepts on paper.  It warrants continuous dialogue, a strong appreciation of the country, site, and culture of the project, and work alongside local personnel. Our team members originate from many varied backgrounds, from architects and engineers to industry-trained personnel, but all with the common trait of being astute listeners and resourceful problem solvers who think multi-dimensionally.