As professional architects and engineers, M3 advises on and designs engineering solutions that effectively address both the needs of the client and our collective, broader, built world.    We embrace the opportunity to be change agents for a better future.  For over thirty-five years, M3 has held the long-term view in developing designs that provide lasting value to our clients and, increasingly, have held this view for the world we live and work in together as part of the general construction industry movement towards more holistic sustainable designs.

Adopting new technologies wedded to fundamental environmentally-inherent passive design solutions, M3’s team of LEED™ accredited professionals have achieved several LEED™ certified projects including LEED™ Platinum, the highest level of certification, at the University of Arizona Student Recreation Center Expansion.  Whether the client’s objective is to achieve LEED™ recognition or is mostly focused on the underlying values of sustainable design, M3 has the knowledge and experience to lead the project towards environmentally responsible design solutions.

As new levels of sustainable design are achieved in the coming decades, including towards net zero carbon buildings, M3 is prepared to partner with our clients to collaborate on the next generation of environmentally sustainable building design.


An essential phase of construction, commissioning of the building envelope and systems ensures that the project as built performs as intended in its design.  Proper building commissioning and associated training of facility staff ensures that the building operates in the most efficient manner for the long-term in support of the investment made by the client.

M3 provides the commissioning of building systems as part of our engineering services to many of our clients. M3’s commissioning services include testing and troubleshooting at start-up and end-of-warranty reviews of installed building components.

Additionally, M3 has acted as a third-party commissioner to provide institutions and commercial businesses with an independent validation of the proper installation and functioning of these systems.  M3 provides enhanced commissioning services, generally a requirement to achieve the highest levels of LEED™ certification, working with our clients at the early stages of design to confirm the design objectives and efficacy of the proposed design solutions prior to construction.