Site and Infrastructure Planning and Development

M3 is a leader in environmentally responsible site, infrastructure, and development planning for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sites around the world. Our team has extensive remote site project experience in which infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, power, water, and communications) are often non-existent. We actively engage clients, local communities, utility companies, and regulatory agencies to solve problems and implement environmentally conscious, sustainable solutions.

Decisions made early on during viability stages often dictate the outcome of a project. In this context, M3 adds significant value by leading interdisciplinary BIM coordination efforts for infrastructure. We devote time to solving challenges on paper long before they reach the field.  In doing so, we deliver a streamlined product – one which is concise and conveys accurate information to our construction management teams.

M3 offers a full suite of civil engineering services:

  • Utility routing and coordination
  • Utility agency coordination
  • Site planning
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Pavement design, evaluation, and maintenance evaluation
  • Vertical and horizontal curve analysis
  • Superelevation design
  • Stopping site distance calculations
  • Evaluation of maximum grades for vehicular access
  • Geo-structural retaining wall systems
  • Airstrip and helipad design
  • Field reconnaissance
  • Project Management and Construction Administration

Water Resources and Storm Water Management

M3 has extensive experience preparing surface hydrology calculations for both urban and rural sites, which include residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.  Our approach is not singular – certain projects merit a comprehensive understanding of existing hydrologic features and site-specific studies.  For this reason, M3 may conduct a flood analysis and prepare a flood inundation map that reflects the unique hydrology of the project site.

For new process facilities, a key consideration is the establishment of separate water control protocol for contact (potentially contaminated) and non-contact (uncontaminated) water. This philosophy is essential for avoiding inadvertent contamination. For existing process facilities, M3 has a strong track record of rehabilitating brownfield sites contaminated with heavy metals, radionuclides, arsenic, and fluorides, among others.

M3 performs civil engineering analysis for industrial and institutional reservoirs, as well as leach pad design. Our experience with leach pads dates to the original Round Mountain Leach Pad. We regularly design stacking plans, perform slope evaluations, estimate fill volumes for each phase of leach pad design, and size diversion channels and containment ponds. Our experience dictates the importance of performing critical drainage analysis for all special containment projects. In the same vein, we conduct site-specific research on historic site flows and rainfall/climatic data to provide sound designs for pads, ponds, and dams.

M3 strives for continuity in design. That is, we implement innovative solutions which avoid creation of upstream or downstream hydrological effects that can negatively impact surrounding communities and the environment.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

M3 has reputable experience with a diverse number of wastewater treatment systems, both for treating industrial and domestic wastewater sources.  Our engineers have worked with thickeners, clarifiers, and brine concentrators in metal processing and water treatment plants. These processes are essential in protecting the environment by allowing clients to reduce water use through reutilization or to treat it to comply with regulatory standards where it can be safely discharged back to the natural environment.

Our project experience with Wastewater Treatment Systems includes:

  • Waste treatment plants for treating acid rock drainage from waste stockpiles (treated water is safe to return to the environment or be used as make-up water for the process)
  • Wastewater treatment plants for domestic wastewater
  • Septic systems and leach field design
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) for both potable and process water
  • Sulfate removal processes for treatment of mining water
  • General water treatment plants
  • Fresh water makeup in saline groundwater
  • Reverse osmosis systems for electrolyte make-up water
  • Cyanide destruction water treatment plants

The natural environment is a resource worth protecting and here at M3 we have the professional knowledge and expertise to ensure our projects are developed with sustainability in mind.