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The growing propagation of coronavirus has added value to a basic hygiene measure that has helped fight diseases historically. Washing our hands with water and soap is an essential preemptive measure that helps closing the door against bacteria, virus and fungus.

We touch everything with our hands, which makes them one of the main transmission agents, more so if we consider that, unlike surfaces and objects, hands are a warm and moist area, with remnants of sweat and debris that act as a magnet of all kinds of microorganisms, even in seemingly innocuous places. For example, the surface of a cell phone may have 30 times more bacteria than a toilet.

The use of hand sanitizer, also known as alcohol-based solution, has proven to be efficient in the destruction of SARS-CoV-2 in the hands, for its great virucidal and bactericidal capacity, according to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

During this pandemic, the best recommendation is to lean into the friction of hands with alcohol-based products. However, there are two situations in which the use of hand sanitizer is not recommended: visibly dirty hands or hands that have been exposed to bodily fluids.

The use of hand sanitizer does not replace hand washing, but it does help if no clean water, sink or soap are available.

Let us take care of each other.