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Important, do not let your guard down.

COVID-19 has kept us quarantined for a long time, maybe we have not had a proper space to exercise or have been forced to order a lot of fast food instead of cooking with fresh ingredients.

We must try to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally, which is why we offer the following recommendations:

  • Sleep. We must try to sleep enough hours and not give in to loss of sleep due to stress and anxiety. Resting is essential for our health.
  • Exercise. Just because gyms are closed it does not mean that we cannot exercise. We can go out for a walk or a run, as long as we follow the proper preventive measures, we can even adapt a small space in our home where we can do yoga, weightlifting, or some other exercise that does not require special equipment.
  • Eating. Make the choice to prepare a list with fresh products that you may use to cook throughout the week and avoid eating canned foods (or just check that they are low in sodium before buying them). Avoid eating junk food and drink plenty of water.
  • Medical appointments. Delay any non-urgent medical appointments, unless you show any symptoms of COVID-19, then you must call for medical attention and instructions.
  • Hygiene. Clean often the objects you touch the most at home, such as faucets, keys, door handles, kitchen handles, arm rests, backs of seats, TV remotes, headphones, etc.
  • Clear the space where you spend most of your time at home so you can feel more comfortable.

Take care, let us all take care of each other.