W.M. Keck Observatory Solar Panel Supports

The W.M. Keck Observatory is located near the summit of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The W.M. Keck Observatory is a two-telescope observatory with two 10 meter aperture primary mirrors.  In its commitment to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint and lower the cost of energy, W.M. Keck Observatory installed a solar PV system.

M3’s involvement included design and engineering for a structural support system of a new rooftop solar array installed on the cinder roof between the two telescopes.  The solar array consists of 332 solar panels.  The system is designed to withstand high winds via a ballasted roof design.

In addition to the design and engineering services, M3 provided on-site construction administration services during the installation of the structural support system.  M3 also continues to provide ongoing design and engineering services for Keck related to safety improvements.