VERITAS Control Building

M3 provided complete Architectural and Engineering design and construction administration services for the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) Control Building at the Base Camp at F.L. Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins, Arizona.  The Control Building is designed to provide a central control facility for the 4 telescopes for the VERITAS project.  M3 also provided the A/E design services for the telescope structure.

The facility included:

  • Control room
  • Computer room
  • Offices
  • Conference room
  • Kitchen
  • Electronics room
  • Support rooms

The design and construction challenges included:

  • Site constraints
    • Building on limited site area
    • Maintaining current facilities access and operations
    • Limited site space for vehicles and material storage
  • Designing and constructing on a remote site
  • Maintaining full use of existing Base Camp facility
  • Coordination of design requirements with US Coronado Forest Services