The underground Mercedes Gold and Silver Mine is located in difficult mountainous terrain near Magdalena de Kino in Sonora, Mexico.

The challenging terrain surrounding this high grade ore deposit complicated construction design and required M3 to create a compact plant that required very little real estate.

M3 took care of the groundwork, acquiring permits and carrying out land negotiations to build the plant and install 70 km of high voltage power lines and 20 km in mine and access roads. The company also supervised the construction of the tailings dam and detoxification plant. M3 used best practices for environmental care, reducing negative environmental impact and applying strict quality control measures.

The rich ore deposit, with estimated metallurgic recoveries of 95% gold and 30% silver, lead to early discussions of a plant expansion before construction of the mine was completed, something that is very rare and usually done years after project completion.

M3 finished the mine approximately 10% under budget and started production ahead of schedule all the while maintaining good safety, environmental and quality control standards.

M3 is responsible for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.