M3 Mexicana Office

M3’s Office located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico consists of two buildings each having 4,500 square meters of space dedicated to design, engineering and construction management for M3’s projects in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

The offices provide work space for over 400 people and are designed for open and free communications between M3 personnel and the various disciplines with an open studio concept. Training rooms, conference rooms and other administrative spaces are located throughout the two story buildings along with a centralized Information Technology center linked to other M3 offices. The interior space exposes the building infrastructure (electric, voice network, data, air conditioning, piping) highlighting M3’s full discipline capabilities.

In terms of green technology, the property reflects M3´s vision in regards to the environmental care, utilizing an insulated metal panel exterior, solar heaters, a water treatment plant, and water sensor taps for water conservation. The exterior landscape utilizes native plants common in the desert region along with an irrigation system minimizing water consumption for landscape purposes.

The office in Hermosillo demonstrates M3’s commitment to provide professional engineering and construction management services to an expanding global market and an efficient work environment for M3 personnel.