Haile Gold Laboratory Building

Haile Gold Mine, as part of M3’s design and engineering for a series of mineral processing facilities at OceanaGold’s Kershaw County, South Carolina mining operations, desired to construct a standalone assay laboratory that would alleviate their then current operation of shipping samples to various laboratories around the county, a time-consuming and costly practice.  Selecting a site in a commercial area of Kershaw, the new assay laboratory will allow Haile Gold to “turn the tables” and become their own profit center by accepting samples for evaluation from other mining companies in the region.

Working closely with the Kershaw County, M3 in the design of the Haile Gold Laboratory Building helped establish the initial architectural aesthetic for new development in an industrial park proposed to stimulate growth for the region.  This 12,000 square foot assay laboratory provides dry and wet laboratories for the practical analysis of precious metals involving complex exhausting, scrubbing, and dust collection from laboratory equipment.

Construction Documents were developed in two phases, shell + core and tenant improvements, to facilitate the construction schedule.  The project was constructed through the design, bid, build delivery method.