Central Analytical Service Center Lab, Line 5 Building

The Central Analytical Service Center, Line 5, is a fully automated copper ore sample testing and analysis laboratory located in Safford, Arizona.  The lab facility provides automated robotic analysis, solution analysis, cathode analysis, and processing of specialty samples.

FMI expanded this facility with a new “Line 5” building consisting of a new 13,200 square foot building for a new automated ore sample processing system.  M3 was contracted to provide the design and engineering of the building and its associated services. There are 9 large industrial robots installed on the second floor of the building as well a laboratory crushers, mills and ovens. Process equipment will be installed on the second floor with building services being installed at ground floor including the main electrical room (MCC), a control and instrumentation room (PLC cabinets), elevator mechanical room, roll-off room and a washroom on the ground floor.