CSO Decommissioning Underway

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The Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) is being decommissioned as part of a broader effort to restore and preserve the natural and cultural resources of Maunakea. Construction crews began substantial deconstruction work in April 2024, and are progressing with all above ground structures, foundations, and sub-grade utilities removed. The team intends to start regrading the site to its pre-disturbed condition pending results of environmental testing; work on Maunakea has many intricacies and requires exceptionally precise and careful planning, coordination, and execution. M3 plays a vital role in planning the decommissioning project and securing the necessary cultural, environmental, and demolition permits along with coordinating the removal of local utilities. Our role on the project continues as construction administrators helping to ensure that work on-site progresses smoothly for all stakeholders involved.