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IMPORTANT!  Be careful with in-person meetings at the office.

When returning to the office in COVID-19 times, we must take the proper preventive measures to avoid becoming infected.

Avoid in-person meetings at the office and do not receive any visits.

If you must have an in-person meeting, you must take several measures to increase the safety of everyone attending, for example:

  • Carry out the meeting in a ventilated area, keeping a safe distance between the people attending the meeting.
  • Begin the meeting with recommendations related to the Coronavirus.
  • Greet people from a distance, with no physical contact.
  • Wear a mask at all times
  • The meeting must be with a small group of people, keeping in mind the size of the meeting room. Consider meeting in an open space.
  • Make sure everybody washes their hands before going into the meeting.
  • Make sure there are hand sanitizer and sanitizing mats in the meeting area, keep the area ventilated.
  • Do not borrow or exchange objects such as pens, pencils or electronic devices with other people in the meeting.
  • Disinfect the meeting area before and after the meeting.

Note: remember that digital mediums, such as videoconferences, are very effective, and any platform that avoids direct contact with other people is recommended at this time.

Let us avoid exposing ourselves and our coworkers, as well as the people who have a higher risk such as people with diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Take care, let us all take care of each other!