Site Audits & Inspections

Plant Audits

We have developed a robust technical auditing program based on our experience over the last three decades at many mine plants and ports around the world.  The completed audit reports have proven valuable for identifying and correcting potential problems, preventing costly downtime required to repair or rebuild structures or equipment due to failure.  These reports are an essential component in the preventative maintenance plans for operating plants and are also suitable for management and underwriting firms to gauge the safety and health of the plant and its equipment.

Equipment Evaluation

Since our inception, M3 has spent much time in the field examining operating plants designed by others, where we were able to recognize and resolve problems that involved failed equipment and structures.  We have analyzed many failures involving cyclically moving and mobile equipment due to overload, indirect and incomplete load paths, resonance, vibration, fatigue, etc.  Our varied experience across many industries gives us the background for solving complex problems with various types of large and small equipment.

3D Scanning for Facility Retrofit and Expansion

M3 has the capability to accurately record existing structures as well as equipment, piping, conduit, and so on with 3D laser scanning to use in our 3D models for modifications to existing facilities that lack sufficient documentation for locating these items.

HAZOP Analysis

In addition to making our personnel safety conscious, we proactively work to design facilities that are inherently safer. This effort falls under the auspices of the HAZOP Review. Plant safety is reviewed as a function of the construction period, operating personnel, maintenance personnel and eventual closure/closeout.