Jacks Peak Telecommunications Tower

Jacks Peak is a mountaintop telecommunications site located between Lordsburg and Silver City, New Mexico. In order to accommodate future tenants at the site, M3 worked with Summit Communications to analyze and assess the tower and design retrofit and repair elements on an existing telecommunications tower.

M3’s scope initially included working with the owner to design an antenna payload appropriate for the near term and long term needs of the facility. The process also included surveying, testing, and analyzing the existing tower using TNXTower software to determine its compliance with IBC & TIA-222 standards for the new payload.

Based on findings from the analysis, M3 identified that several structural mitigations were required in order to support the desired payload while complying with the applicable standards. Given the remote site location and mountaintop working conditions, M3 worked closely with Summit Communications to develop and design custom mitigative elements that could be rapidly and inexpensively fabricated and readily hand-installed by tower climbing personnel to bring the tower into compliance.